Monday, July 16, 2007

Stil in Palena

Hello my friends…

So I´m stil in Palena.. I cind of used a little longer time here than originaly pland, but now it´s soon time to continue my trawel. But first a little about my three mounths long stay here in Palena. It has been a nice time and I do not regret that I have spend all this time here. As you red before I started on a fly fishing corse that lasted for 400 houers and now I have finniched. I have to admit that I´m proud becaus the cours was in spanich and I allso wrote my final test in spanish. I´m allso realy proad because I here the other day finniched my first bock.. 200 pages in spanish... As you understand I´m doing bether with my language.

Wel; the winter here has been a nice expereianse and it has not been as long and cold as I expected. The days are longer here than at home end it is les cold and more nice wether. The only difference is that I have to use my wool hatt, scarf and jacet when I´m sitting inside.. and eave then I´m freasing, becaus the temperature incide and outside is more or less the same. They have a fire in the oven the whole day but when thay have big wholes around the dors and windowi it dosen´t helpe to much. So as the good norwegian I am I have to admit that there are some things that I don´t understand, but If they like to frees it is fine to me....
Wel I konwe that some of you have heard allot about this before so I wil not bore you with telling you more about this subject.

So, the fly fishing cors... It heas been a grate corse and I have learned allot. I have not only learnd to fish with a fly but I have learnd to wate because the chileniens are gooood on coming late to clas. In generalthey are good in coming when they feel like and not when the clas is supose to start. I have allso learnd to knowe the other students in my clas and have godt good friends here, this has a very big value for me.. I wil miss them when I leav Palena, and when I have friends here I will alway feel like comming back to wisite them. And this lovely lady Chila that I have ben living with. She has taken incredible god care of me and every day when I came hom from the corse the lunch was reddy and wating for me. She has been nitting wool soks and skarf for me and gave me a pullover that she also have made... What a fantastick grandmother!! I wil miss her theat for shure!

In the corse we learnd to tye flyes and that´s a job I liked allot. I liked it as mutsh as I liked to be at the river and fish. And it is true, fly fishing is a nice sport...wel why it´s cald a sport I dont knowe but I realy like this way of using the nature. To be at the river the whole day and to listen to the song of the wather and obserwing the annimales and birds . And because you are standig there so quietly the animales are not scared of you so they can come quite close. I allso like the philosohy that you should leav the nature like it was when you came.. clean and untutched and that is one of the reasones that you let the fish free after you have catshed it. Annyhow the days at the river was beutiful, with the fantastic landskape that is here, the clean aire and good companie.

If you ever have the oppurtunity just to stay close to the river for a long time to listen and observe I can strongly recomend it because it calens your hed and make you feel good.
And I did catch a fish....

That was funn like always, as you have understood I couldnt eat it but it was a diferent and also nice fealing to see how it was swimming away when I let it free.
So now when the corse have finnished it is time for me to move on, and I´m locking forwaerd to bee on the road again eave though I knowe I wil mis Palena. I feel how the restlesnes is comming and how my hart are eager after descovering new palses and to get to knowe new people...

But I have desided that I´m going to sell my horses here, and that I´m doing with a hevy hart. Because the horses are my friends and I love to ride them. To trawel with horses like I have done give a speasheal peas in my sole and I don´t know if I can find this peace with a bike for exsemple. For it is bicke that I have desided to continue with. I wil trawel to Puerto Mont and bye a bicke there to continue my travel upp north. I belive it will be beutifull to. And a bike have som advantages, it is mor flecibel and faster, and that is why I have desided to continue on bike. My time here is after al limited and I´m allso eager after seeing other plases on theis continent.

So my jurney goes on and I´m exsied to see what is around the next corner.

I hope you al have a good time whee ever you are.

Hugs from Nora:)


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Nå venter jeg spent på neste innlegg, Nora

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