Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Saludos de Puerto Mont

Hello my frinds.

My jurney is continuing and for about two mounths ago I left Palena. It was a little sad but it was easyer to leav when I could say them; see you in desember, becaus then I wil come back together with my father, when he comes to wisite me in his holiday.

From Palena I left with buss to Chaiten, it was strange to arrive to my destination that fast, three hours compared to 6 days witch i normaly would use with my horses.

The nature in Chaiten is changing dramaticaly, the vegetation and fertile soil in the mountainas, compared to the evergreen forests on the cost were it`s not posible to walk on the soil but you have to climb the roots to move on.

I staid in Chaiten for four days and was so luckey to meat a friend that I got to knowe in Torres del Paine in desember last year. He tock me on sightsing to the Pumalin park, to the beach to see the dolphines and invited me on barbique with his family.

From Chaiten I walked along the beach and had the placure to meat the people living on the coast. The life there is quite differente the life in the mountains, the farms are smaler and on 100 hectar they maight have five to ten cous while in the mountains they maight have 30. But they have fish, and for first time sins I left Norway ten mounths earlyer I got to eat fresh fish form the sea and frech mussels... That was fantastic good!!

The People is also differente. The first notable difference is the sice, the fisicl sise, not the length but the sice on their stomacs and their buts, on the cost they have boddeys of someone who is working for their livig wile higher upp they have the buts of thous who is sitting in front of the owen in the kitchen the whole day long, drinking mate or the stomacks of some one who allways ride the horse when they go some where. It is notable.

Well more norht the people are as well changing with the influence of the german population, this means thet I have met several boys who achualy are taler than me, some have blu ais and their skin is lighter. Because here in Puerto Mont and the area around is it a big german influense, and I ceap meating peole who ask me; sprechen si dutch? and their ais are shing a litle more when I replay in german. And with prudnes in their vois they tel me that their grandparrensts came here as settelers.

Wel the walk on the cost was fatastic, I had the plasure to meat the teacher on a local school with 9 puiels on the island Llauhen and she innvited me to stay with her parents two days walks away in Loyola. I tock her offer to recover from the cold that I had catched a day my tent colapsed from the wind, and the rain because there were not enought soil to put down the nails.

And I had beutiful days in their home with lots of good food and the chanse to observe the life on the coast. I moved on with boat and crossed by the Pumalin Park where I got to stay in Pillan togetehr with some fantastic nice peole who lived there. It was innteresting to see with my own ais how the organication in park works and how is the life of the peole who live there. Because my whole time in Patagonia I had heard so much about the park and everything that is forbidden, it is for example forbidden to have a TV and to get childrens... This was ofcourse nothing but roomers, and I would say that thy who lived there have a much higher standard of life than an average Chilenian.

In Puerto Mont I met a frind form Palena who lives here and I got to stay with him in his parents house. I had planed to stay in Puerto Mont not longer than a week but thing changed and now I have been here in one and a halfe mounths. First I got sick for some days witch delayd me enouht to deside to spend the slebration of Chiles naional day here. And from there on the time was just running, and I have to admit that it was a boy that made me stay here in Puerto Mont for all this time. A nice boy he is and I have to admit that it is sad to leav him, but my jurney have to move on and the bisicleta that I have bought is wating pasiantly for me. I`m locking forward to get back on the road again, and onse more sleap in my tent and listen to the wind and the water in the naight.

The road is there in fromt of me and new chalanges is wating for me and mi bicke.

Enjoy life!

Big hug from me:)


Blogger Magda said...

Hola mi amiguita !!!
I wanna see a foto of you and your bike...if not, i don't believe you a word !!!!! :)
com ote encunetras chica, como va el viaje de a bici???
voy a acompañar Emma hasta el norte de Peru ...vamos a passar uno dias en las playas lindas y de ahi regreso para Lima....y muy pronto se termine mi viaje....ay ce raro tanto tiempo a fuera..

como estas tu... no te extrañas tu pais.. tu familia, Melinda y todo los otros?? es casi un año que estas de viaje, o no???
pero tan rico es de viajar, no cierto ????
cuenta me, mi soeta...
justo vuelvo de una caminata a las playas de Lima, mis cosas son en la casa de Nacho y quando regreso, lo voy ir a buscar.
te mando un beso gigante!!!!!!
cuidate mucho mucho y que disfrutes Chile , mi chilena :)

3:13 PM  

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